You mess with the turkey, you get the feathers. One Swansea woman is voicing her concern online over two turkeys that just don’t seem to want to leave her alone.

Kerri Santos of Swansea seems to be the victim of bullying behavior, and these bullies walk around her neighborhood like they own the place. Two turkeys have taken a liking to Elm Street and Stevens Road, constantly walking back and forth across Kerri’s neighborhood, as if they’re patrolling the streets of Swansea.

“My car has been a victim a few times as I stopped for them to cross and they noticed their reflection in my car and they proceeded to do their dance and hold me hostage for about 10 minutes,” Santos said. She said these turkeys always seem amused by their reflections in her car, and even challenge their reflection as if it’s another turkey invading their turf.

Courtesy of Kerri Santos
Courtesy of Kerri Santos

Santos drops her husband off at work every morning and is usually greeted by the turkey bullies on her way back home, but today was funnier than usual.

“There was a man out for his morning walk and these two were chasing him down the street,” she said.

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In all honesty, Santos gets a kick out of these confrontational turkeys. With their feathers flustered, this pair seemingly monitors Swansea’s downtown district, keeping drivers, walkers, and their own reflections in line. She does get concerned, however, for their safety. So if you’re driving around Elm Street and Stevens Road, keep your eyes peeled for these grumpy street monitors.

Maybe the SouthCoast could use some more turkey bullies to keep these streets safe. You certainly won’t catch me messing with a turkey that’s angry.

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