Cold and flu season have moved into Massachusetts with a vengeance. Many of us have lowered our risk a bit by getting a flu shot. But there are other things you can do as well, and that involves avoiding as many germs as possible.

Of course, germs are everywhere. However, there are some things you touch that have the highest odds of holding the germs that can make you sick. Here are a few things that harbor the most germs, according to the

-Restaurant Menus. The menu possible has more germs than any other place in a restaurant. They are touched by dozens of people each day. It's suggested that after you order your food, you go to the restroom and wash your hands. You can also carry hand sanitizer to use before eating.

Grocery Store Shopping Carts.The handle of that shopping cart you use can carry thousands of bacteria, including E. coli. It's suggested that you don't eat while shopping and of course bring that hand sanitizer along. It's also recommended that once you're home, avoid putting the shopping bag on your kitchen table or other places where food is prepared.

Workplace Coffee Pot Handle.  Believe it or not, the article says there may be more germs on the handle of the break room coffee than on the toilet seat in the restroom. The solution is washing your hand after visiting the break room.

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