Flu season is kicking into high gear and you can stay on top of the outbreaks with your smartphone.

The Department of Health has already declared the flu to be "widespread" in Rhode Island and we're not even a week into winter.

This means that healthcare workers who haven't had a flu shot must wear masks when interacting with patients. A definite sign that things are getting bad.

So if you are a mom that gets as nervous about flu outbreaks as this mom, then you are going to want to get this app on your phone.

Yes I've had my flu shot and my kids have had their flu shots, but that doesn't 100 percent mean you won't get the flu. So staying up-to-date on outbreaks in my area is going to be important to me this flu season.

The Weather Channel is working with CVS to help prepare people for the flu season.

The feature not only gives you a 15-day flu forecast for your area, but it'll also send you notifications when there are confirmed cases of flu near you or an increase in risk conditions locally.

You are totally in the know and ready to protect yourself accordingly all season long.

And lately, flu season seems to last longer and longer, so this will be a good app to check on for months to come.

Studies show only 23 percent of millennials bother to get a flu shot each season, so maybe this app will be a better way for the younger generation to stay healthy this flu season.

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