I came across an article from Business Insider that made me stop in my tracks. "You've been blowing your nose all wrong — here's how you should do it" was eye-opening. Even though this video came out last year, I'm just now learning that I've been doing this simple task incorrectly my entire life.

Apparently, blowing your nose could make it more stuffed when you do both nostrils at the same time.

"That's because you're building up the pressure in your nostrils. This pressure can cause mucus to shoot up into your sinuses, instead of out of your nose. When you're sick, that mucus may contain viruses or bacteria. If the bacteria or virus gets into your sinuses, it could trigger an infection. If that infection spreads, it could make you even sicker. The stuffy feeling is from inflamed blood vessels. Blowing will just irritate those vessels even more, which could increase the swelling." - Business Insider

Business Insider explained that the correct way to blow your nose is actually sticking to one nostril at a time. Close one while you lightly blow through the other. It is also recommended that you use anti-inflammatories and a lubricating spray.

I'm 27 years old and have never heard of this technique. Maybe it could have saved me from a few sinus infections in my life.

I wanted to test out my coworkers to see if they knew how to properly take care of the schnoz:

Every single one of them failed. I was happy to share my newfound wisdom with everyone so we can avoid any future infections.

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