There are already cases of the flu being reported in Massachusetts. So are we headed for another terrible flu season?

Reports of flu-like illnesses are already on a slight increase in Massachusetts and it's not even 'flu season' yet.

It's getting colder out and people are coming down with colds. But what about when it turns to flu?

Early reports of the flu are being reported across the state according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and they are of course suggesting getting your flu vaccine nice and early.

This season's flu vaccine is already available at health care providers, schools, pharmacies, clinics and more. And people are urged to get one after the severe flu season we saw last year across the country.

Of course the flu vaccine does not mean you won't get the flu, but it certainly means if you do the symptoms won't be nearly as bad.

Flu season doesn't really kick into gear until early January, but already cases are being reported. That could be an early indicator of another rough flu season.

Experts say the flu vaccine is your best line of protection. And of course advocate good hygiene practices like covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze and washing hands regularly to reduce the potential for spreading the illness.

Millions of people ended up with the flu last season with hundreds of thousands winding up in the hospital. Don't be one of those people this season, get the MassDPH tips to stay healthy here.

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