In an effort to provide accurate answers to common vaccine questions, Fun 107 invited Dr. Eliesel Lacerda De La Cruz, Southcoast Health's Infectious Disease Prevention Chairman, back to our airwaves. The doctor answered vaccine questions submitted by Michael and Maddie audience members.

You can listen to his entire interview here, and read a few of his questions and answers below.

Can you make it simple and give an A through F grade for the COVID vaccines? How safe are they?

"Pfizer and Moderna? I give them an A+," he said. Dr. Lacedera De La Cruz said it was a lower grade for Johnson & Johnson for younger women under 50.

Listen to his complete answer here:

What are your expectations for how long the antibodies from the vaccine will last?

"The antibody response is really strong," he said. "The antibody numbers are sky-high (for people who have received both doses). We're all thinking that this is something that's going to last one year."

How important is getting the second dose (of Pfizer and Moderna)? Should I get the second dose?

"Yes, you should. As of right now, we do not know if the vaccine with one dose is effective. It has been speculated, but there is no official resolution of the question," he said.

Is there any evidence at all that shows the vaccines could cause infertility in women?

"No. There's no evidence that the vaccines...any of their platforms...cause infertility," he said. "There was some speculation by a German scientist soon after the vaccine was released, but his hypothesis was debunked. That was proven not to be correct. There should not be any concerns about infertility with the vaccine."

It is important to note that these are condensed versions of his answers. For a complete and detailed answer, please be sure to listen above to the entire interview with Michael and Maddie.

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