Everywhere you turn right now, there are reports and concerns around the coronavirus. With the airlines being at the center of the issue, has anyone talked to the flight attendants?

Yes, I'm a flight attendant and tend to take flight every weekend. My family and close friends have asked me if I'm concerned with flying so much. My simple answer is no.

Right now is no different than flying any other day. The chances of me catching any sickness are definitely higher than most people. Due to my job, my immune system may have built up a little bit of tolerance. That doesn't make me invincible to getting sick.

Does this virus mean that I need to pay extra attention to things that I would normally not give a second thought? Yes. Walking through the airport with people coming from places all around the world does make you a little more aware of coughs and sneezes. Many people have gotten lazy and downright inconsiderate when it comes to covering their mouths and sneezing, so my hope is that more people will be a little more self-aware.

Will this virus make me think twice about traveling or going to my weekend job? Probably not. I won't be changing any of my plans. I'll instead stay vigilant and continue to use the universal precautions that we all have already.

So unlike, Michael Rock second-guessing whether he should go overseas, I'm thinking now is a good time to head out of town. Security lines will be much shorter and you might even get a row to yourself on the plane – and that's better than a first-class seat.

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