If you follow the Star Wars Saga, you might be in for a real treat when Episode 8 is released in December 2017.

When I'm not Producing or working on the Rock and Fox Show, I spend my time in a small cubicle that is shared with the Production Manager of the radio station. Needless to say, he's a die-hard Star Wars fan and could tell you pretty much anything you'd need or want to know about any of the films... he goes by the name of Jason.

Jason is as witty as it comes and asked me if I noticed anything different about the newly released title for Episode 8.... I told him I had no clue at all.

After pointing out to me that the font color was RED and that all other Star Wars films previous to this one (no matter what chronological order they may be in) have a YELLOW font. I asked if this was a sign of the end of the film-making in which "Mr. Guru" (Jason) informed me that there was still a couple more to go after 8.

Lastly, "The Last Jedi" confuses me as well... who or what is it referencing? The term "Jedi" could be plural or singular which leads me to believe that someone or all of the Force-Fed galactic soldiers (see what I did there?) have an unanswered doom. Could LucasFilm have a cringeworthy destiny for Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Leia (Carrie Fisher) or even Rey (Daisy Ridley) that will floor the audience?

Unfortunately I have no answers for either of these observations, only questions and hopes of a happy ending.

I might just lose sleep over this.... and it's only a title, never mind the soon to come trailer.

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