It goes without saying it's been a trying time both psychically and mentally and there are more obstacles in your way now than ever before. We all need a little guidance and inspiration, and the South Coast LGBTQ Network wants to help.

Not sure about you, but I definitely let myself go a bit over the last few months. Between ordering a ton of takeout and working from the couch most days, I really have a lot of work to do to get my body right.

We all know it's more than just the body, though. We have to get out minds right, too. I'll confess, I think I went a little crazy during quarantine, as some of my friends and family members can probably tell you.

If you ever took a yoga class, you know it's definitely an exercise that requires you to slow the mind and focus on your body. I swear by it when I can actually be motivated to do it.

Now I have no excuse to not slow down and take a class. The South Coast LGBTQ Network is hosting Wellness Wednesday with Jeff Costa on each of the next three Wednesdays, and it's totally free.

You do have to pre-register, though, and what's even more amazing about these is they are offering a grab-and-go meal and gift cards to Market Basket to help those in need not only feed their mind but also feed their body.

It's time to get your body moving again, so why not start with yoga? And if you aren't in the LGBTQ community, it's ok, you can still be an ally.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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