If you're a beer pong tournament enthusiast like myself, you're going to love this idea.

The red Solo cup has been a staple to every party, tailgate, family function and backyard party since the 70s. Now that times have changed and manufacturers are looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives, the disposable plastic cup seems it might soon be a product of the past.

Behold, the aluminum "party cup" from Ball Corporation that's about to change the world.

In a nutshell, the solution for Ball is to replace the plastic material with aluminum, ultimately producing reusable and recyclable cups. They are hoping to be able to test the new invention soon, beginning the export process across the country with the intent to eventually expand into restaurants and stores by 2020.

"We plan on releasing the aluminum cups sometime in September," Renee Robinson, Director of Corporate Communications for Ball, told Fun 107.

As of right now, Ball is gauging consumer reactions to its new invention. While there will be an adjustment period for most users, the company hopes for positive reactions, as this is a better solution than continuing to use non-recyclable plastics and other compound material.

Although aluminum isn't the sole solution towards ending pollution, due to the fact that it takes a while to decompose, it's still more efficient than plastic and is most certainly the right step towards a greener planet.

If you ask me, I personally think this is a brilliant move for Ball and an uplifting, environmentally-conscience decision that I can get on board with. If this means having to do the dishes after every party (meaning washing the reusable aluminum cups) to help save the Earth, then I'm willing to convert my laziness into a constructive effort to prolong the future of this planet.

Kudos, Ball Corporation.

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