Dear Me
I saw this 'Dear Me' story featured on Good Morning America today and I wanted to write one to myself.
An Invention That Could Change The World
Solar roadways.
Yes that's right, solar roadways. Imagine roadways with no more potholes causing hundreds of dollars of damage to our vehicles. Roadways that did not require repairs as frequently. These solar-powered panels could change the world forever...
Bieber's Future
With his late-night hangs with hip-hoppers, Justin Bieber might not be acting like a guy who's ready to settle down. Don't be fooled.
5 Things Your Future Grandkids Won’t Believe Were Real
There are some things from the recent past that are so ridiculous that we almost don't believe they really existed. In 25 years, though, they'll seem even more unbelievable. Here's our list of 5 things we'd like to put in a time capsule, so we have proof that they were, in fact, …