I saw this 'Dear Me' story featured on Good Morning America today and I wanted to write one to myself.I guess it was a trend started back in 2009, of writing a letter to your 16-year-old self.  It reminds me of the Brad Paisley song 'Letter To Me.' Take a listen and I think you'll agree. Here's what I would say to 16-year-old Loren:

Dear Loren,

Hey! I'm you, just 17 years later! You're 33 now. Yes, I know you think that's old, but trust me, it's not. You're married, but you didn't get married at 23 like you thought you would. You actually got married at 31, and you were totally okay with that. His name is Matt. I know you were dying to know!

Hey, guess what? You're on the radio! Remember how you always wanted to do that but you didn't know how? Well, you found your way.

I wish you worked a little harder back in high school. You were a lot smarter than B's and C's, but I know you didn't enjoy school very much and just wanted it to be over. If you put in just a little more effort, you could have gotten into better colleges and it would have helped you out in the future.

Remember how much you loved Cookie and Freckie growing up and we always had beagles? Well, sadly both of them have passed on, but now you're a cat momma to four beautiful kitties and you love them so much!

You weren't the only one in high school without a boyfriend, and that isn't as big a deal as you thought it was anyway. You'll go on to have some boyfriends in your 20s. Some of them will be jerks, some of them will be nice, and they will all teach you something and shape you into the person you are today.

Also, what's even more important than having a 'hot' boyfriend is being with someone who treats you well, has a future, a good job and most important of all, a good personality!  I know none of that mattered to you then, but down the road, it's pretty important stuff.

I know you're really excited to go to the prom with Nick, but he ends up being a jerk, sorry.  You deserved so much better.  I wish you could have seen that back then.  Also, being shy and unpopular in school means nothing when high school is over. You will be excited and relieved on graduation day and that is the day that all of that stuff stops mattering forever. Awesome, right?

You're still bad at math, but there are cell phones now with calculators on them, so it kind of makes it alright. And you were correct when you thought you'd never need algebra...it's been 17 years and you still haven't used it.

You're still a 311 fan, can you believe that? Actually, you just got back from a cruise that they headlined, and 17 years later, you met Nick Hexum! Oh, and speaking of meeting people, remember that dream you had when you were 12 about meeting Bret "The Hitman" Hart? That's a reality now. You met him last August and it was amazing. You cried! You're welcome. Oh and yes, you're still a wrestling fan.

You're not friends with Gina anymore, and it's okay. I know you had so much fun with her but it turns out you guys didn't have all that much in common. You both had very different goals in life and you grew apart, but you were friends for 10 years.

You will go through some not so great times: you'll struggle with money and you'll have a few bad breakups. It's going to feel lonely and it's going to be hard, but it will get better. You'll learn and grow from every experience! The majority of your life decisions are good ones, so high five on that one.  Your 20s will be a little rough in the beginning. It'll get better as you get older, and 30s are awesome.  33-year-old you is really happy!  Remember to always be kind and don't sweat the small stuff.  Have fun!

P.S. New Kids On The Block are still around and slap bracelets are back in style!  Say what?


33-year-old Loren

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