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Is Ryan Seacrest OK?
There are some concerns over the 'American Idol' host's health after Sunday's finale, plus more celeb news in Christine's Entertainment Update.
Chris Evans Shows His Boston Roots
We always knew we liked Chris Evans. He's a Massachusetts guy who made it big by becoming Captain America, but he did something on Good Morning America yesterday that made us like him even more!
Dear Me
I saw this 'Dear Me' story featured on Good Morning America today and I wanted to write one to myself.
New DWTS Cast
The new season of Dancing With the Stars is just a few weeks away and the celebs now know who they'll be dancing with.
Who's Dancing Now?
The new cast of "Dancing With The Stars" was announced and revealed live on Good Morning America this morning. Headlining this all-star cast are Charlie White and Meryl Davis, the gold-medal winning Olympic ice dancers. They are being joined by the likes of Drew Carey, Candace Came…
Homewreckers Beware
The internet continues to stretch the boundaries of the imagination. There's a new platform for women who have been scorned. is dedicated to exposing women who have lured married men away from their families. It is a website dedicated to sex, lies, and deceit...

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