Growing up, I did a lot of things that "boys just don't do."

Yes, I played the flute; there are some really unflattering pictures to prove that. I was in the marching band. Drama club was like a second family. I was in show choir "Pure Energy" at New Bedford High School.

So when anchor Lara Spencer from Good Morning America mocked Prince George for taking ballet classes, I tilted my head. Sorry, Lara, the sexism spectrum runs both ways. I fully believe women are capable of anything a man can do and vice versa.

It looks like I wasn't the only one who thought what Lara said was kind of insensitive. Keith Silva from Fall River, who teaches at the Artistic Dance Studio (you may remember their recital earlier this summer), showed off his talents and spoke his mind in a recent Facebook post calling out Good Morning America:

Keith shares how insecure he use to be, because of getting teased by other boys for doing something perceived as feminine. It's a sport that requires lots of practice and talent.

You know my take on this. What do you think? Is this Good Morning America anchor being a little insensitive and sexist?

High-five to Keith for calling them out and showing them what's up with a sick routine. Oh, and a side note: aren't their tons of football players that are required to take ballet to help with their balance? Now that's a sight I'd love to see.

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