We always knew we liked Chris Evans. He's a Massachusetts guy who made it big by becoming Captain America, but he did something on Good Morning America yesterday that made us like him even more!

When the hosts of Good Morning America asked Chris Evans if he was enjoying living in New York (temporarily) as he starred in a Broadway play, the Sudbury native was quick to say, "yes"!  Maybe a little too quick!  The promptly brought the star of Captain America a New York "gift basket" chock full of New York Mets and New York Yankees gear.  "Sorry, sorry...I'm from Boston...I don't want it."

Evans was quick to point out that he doesn't "mind the Giants.  The Giants I'm OK with.  I respect what you guys have done, I mean you broke my heart a couple of times....but I'm OK with it.  It's the JETS I have a problem with."  "You...I've got respect for," Evans joked with Strahan.  "I'll take it!" exclaimed Strahan.

It doesn't hurt that the Red Sox are the hottest team in baseball so far this season...with their best start in the teams long, storied history.

Evans was recently quoted as saying that he was "all done" playing Captain America in the blockbuster Avenger movies.


Additional Reporting By Abigail Pelissier

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