For the past few years, a castle has been taking shape in Swansea and it will soon be the future home for family entertainment.

While construction of the venue has taken longer than expected, its owner Joe Estrela has high hopes for the grand opening of Silver Stone Castle.

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What Is Silver Stone Castle?

Construction began in 2021 on an epic family entertainment venue that Estrela was ecstatic to bring to life.  As a lover of games, arcades, entertainment and medieval times, Estrela wanted to give his hometown a venue where imagination comes to life, but a few bumps in the road delayed construction.

Now, three years into the project, the finish line (and opening day) may finally be in sight.

What to Expect at Silver Stone Castle

Get ready to go back in time and enter a medieval castle fit for kings and queens. Silver Stone will be a one-stop shop for all things fun. An indoor surfing area, laser tag, an arcade, a ropes course, a rock climbing wall, a swimming pool and go-karts will provide hours of pure fun.

A tavern guarded by a dragon will provide sustenance and event rooms will provide a unique way to entertain guests and celebrate special moments.

When Is Silver Stone Castle Opening?

“Things have picked up lately and it feels like I have gotten a reprieve from the bad luck,” Estrela said of the rigorous construction process of his 87,000-square-foot castle.

Between labor and material shortages and acquiring the necessary permits, the projected opening date has been pushed back several times, but Estrela was happy to share that Silver Stone Castle is closer than ever to being ready for families.

The exterior of the building is starting to look like the grand castle that Estrela has always envisioned and with the go-kart track finally taking shape, the interior is starting to look like the ultimate entertainment destination.

While Estrela is waiting for the weather to break to finish the siding of the building, he is still eyeing late spring or early summer of this year to officially open.

Keep scrolling to take a sneak peek at this epic entertainment venue, coming soon to Swansea.

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