After months of watching April go through her pregnancy, I have become infatuated with her new born Giraffe.

Now that the "Unknown Name" of the baby has been born, it seems like the world has just stopped talking about April. The number of people watching is slowly watching, popping in briefly to catch a quick glimpse of her baby boy.

This worries me though, I feel as though this giraffe is going to need a Godfather. Someone to be there for her when times are tough. Perhaps feed him when April falls ill, after all... Lord knows Oliver (Baby Daddy) hasn't shown any [parenting signs (He's only 5 years old himself, I'm almost 30. The responsibility simply isn't there).

Lastly, I'm tall, so I feel like the baby would adapt quickly to a human like myself (that is, until he grows much taller). This is no easy task and I accept these terms, but someone's gotta do it.

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