I never in a thousand years would want to own a donkey, but the government has found a way to change my mind.

The "Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Incentive Program" was recently introduced by the U.S. government and the Bureau of Land Management to help encourage those who wish to adopt with an incentive of $1,000 to provide a good home for a horse or donkey.

The horses and donkeys are not only wild, but they are also untrained, which will require a little more patience and funding. That's where the $1,000 comes into play to help with the fostering bills.

With a rising population of wild horses and burros on public land growing at a rapid rate, the program will help disperse the animals to good homes where they would receive health treatment and a loving family.

If adopted within 60 days of the incentive program that began on March 12, the adoptee will receive $500. The additional $500 will then be awarded if the lawful title for the wild horse or donkey was pulled within 60 days of the 12th as well.

There is a $25 adoption fee for anyone who is interested in the program, but not all horses and donkeys are eligible.

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