The people of Rehoboth are becoming very familiar with Gilbert the mini-horse and his rebellious attitude. He managed to escape his enclosure, unbeknownst to his owner, and make a run for Anawan Street. He almost got away with it, too, but after his owner saw a picture of him online, Gilbert was caught red-handed.

Gilbert snuck out of his pen, right under his owner’s nose, and enjoyed a casual run Tuesday before returning back to his farm on his own accord. Seeing a mini horse run down Anawan Street will certainly turn some heads, and one driver managed to get a majestic shot of Gilbert trotting proudly in the middle of the street. It was posted to a local Facebook Group where Gilbert’s owner, Holly Brown-Ayers, saw the picture.

"A friend of mine tagged me in the photo and I said, 'Are you kidding me?"' Brown-Ayers said.

This isn't the first time Gilbert has pulled off an escape. We reported on his previous Houdini impression last November.

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Brown-Ayers said that there is a wire fence around her farm, and if there isn't a carabiner or lock on the fence, Gilbert will wriggle through and get out. After his first escape, she religiously locks the gate, so Gilbert had to get creative with his second adventure.

The animals like to use the fence as a scratching post or will dig holes near the bottom. Over time, a little hole formed. Brown-Ayers said the hole was small, but Gilbert managed to wiggle his way out, go for a run, and come back home before being caught.

She ended up responding to the Facebook post by saying, “He’s home safe. Despite the looks of this photo, he’d made it back to our yard before we even noticed he’d got out. Then I saw this evidence of his gallivanting.”

Luckily, no mini horses or people were harmed after Gilbert’s escape. Actually, Gilbert has grown quite the fan base, with over 1,000 Facebook friends and counting.

Caution: NSFW

"I would like to clear this up," Brown-Ayers joked. "I do not run the Facebook page, that is all my uncle. He thinks it's the best thing ever. Gilbert has more Facebook friends than I do."

Brown-Ayers reports that the hole has been patched, but I have a feeling this isn't the end of Gilbert's gallivanting.

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