Saying that a number of its dog food brands may contain a drug that used to euthanize pets, the J.M. Smucker Company is recalling the dog foods. We have a list of those being recalled.

Here are the brands, according to

-Gravy Train with T-Bone Flavor Chunks.

-Gravy Train with Beef Strips.

-Gravy Train with Chicken Chunks. (13.2 and 22-ounce sizes)

-Gravy Train with Beef Chunks. (13.2 and 22 ounce sizes)

-Gravy Train Chunks in Gravy Stew

-Gravy Train Chicken, Beef & Liver Medley,

-Gravy Train Chunks in Gravy with Beef Chunks.

-Kibbles 'N Bits Burger Bacon Cheese and Turkey Bacon Vegetable Variety.

-Kibbles 'N Bits Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, meatball Pasta and Turkey Bacon.

-Kibbles 'N Bits Wet Variety Pack.

-Kibbles 'N Bits Chef's Choice Bistro Tender Cuts with Real Beef & Vegetable in Gravy.

-Skippy Premium Select Cuts in Gravy with Beef.

-Skippy Premium Select Cuts with Burgers & Cheese.

-Skippy Premium Chunks in Gravy with Smokey Turkey.

-Skippy Premium Chinks in Gravy with Beef and Chicken.

-Skippy Premium Chunks in Gravy with 3 in 1 Chicken & Beef.

-Ol Roy Turkey Bacon Strips.

The dog food company says the drug does not pose a threat to pets in small doses.

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