Blue Buffalo has admitted to using poultry by-product in their food.

According to I Heart, Purina filed a lawsuit against Blue Buffalo after they tested their dog food and found that they use poultry by-product, an ingredient they previously denied using. The case was filed over a year ago and it was just last week that Blue Buffalo has officially admitted to using the ingredient.

Buffalo Blue had asked for extended time to file an Amended Complaint, citing their suppliers as the defendants. What is ruffling a lot of feathers is when the accusations came to light, Blue Buffalo denied using the ingredient and is now outwardly admitting they use it but blaming their suppliers.

Buffalo Blue is also a multi million dollar company that sells over 10 million bags annually and in previous campaigns have knocked down many competitors for not being healthy themselves, while not keeping watch of what is going in their dog food.

These statements have raised a lot of concern with dog owners. You find yourself asking the question, "What else is my dog eating without me knowing?" Customers are paying extra money for products that they believe have natural chicken in it and are more natural but now, we are finding out that some companies are lying.

Regulatory oversight of pet food is very limited – no one tests or checks ingredients.

Susan Thixton, Pet Food Consumer Advocate and founder of has stated that, "Regulatory oversight of pet food is very limited – no one tests or checks ingredients. Regulatory people tell me they don’t have the time or the funding to test products or ingredients. As with this instance, the only way consumers found out about the problem is from a pet food competitor testing products.”

The best thing we can do for our dogs is to ask questions about where the meat in their food comes from and if it is USDA approved.

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