In today's tough economy, even pets need to get on the workforce! Also, people are looking for a environmentally friendly ways to take care of their properties. Your prayers have been answered! The goat!


It turns out A Plymouth landscaping company can rent them to you. Goatscaping, is renting out crews of five or six goats to clear out brush for municipalities, golf courses, airports, homeowners and whoever else might need them.

According to CBS, Goatscaping President Elaine Philbrick keeps about 30 goats as pets. Thanks to her business, they aren’t just hanging at home all day watching goat soap operas. Plan to have them as guests for awhile, an acre takes about a month for a team of goats to clear out.  Fences are set up around the goats, which will eat just about anything including poison ivy, thorn bushes and other tough brush.

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