If you are like me, you've noticed that the SouthCoast is struggling with a litter problem. The next time you are getting onto an onramp for I-195, take a look at the trash that has been thrown to the side of the road.

Luckily, someone else noticed and decided to do something about it. If you were driving today in the area of the Cumberland Farms near Bishop Stang and the Dartmouth Mall, you may have seen a good deed in progress.

Demelo and Sons Landscaping in Dartmouth has volunteered its crew to descend upon Route 6 to clean up the roadside and rid the area of the trash that was thrown there by passing motorists.

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Courtesy of Demelo and Sons Landscaping

Brennan Demelo, the 22-year-old owner of the landscaping company he took over from his father three years ago, decided that something needed to be done as he saw the trash get worse and worse on Route 6 in Dartmouth.

"I drive by here every day, and it always kind of looks like it's never touched," he said. "I mean, I know it's a big town and there's a lot of work to do, so I figured we might be able to help."

Demelo decided to call the Town of Dartmouth to offer a free cleanup of the state property from his team before they jumped into their busy season. The town loved the idea; town officials contacted the state, which agreed to come out and cone off the area for safety.

Eleven members of the Demelo and Sons spent the day using leaf blowers to remove the leaves and trash. The value of the cleanup is measured in the thousands.

Courtesy of Demelo and Sons Landscaping

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