Just when I thought we would make it into the summer with a beautiful lawn, this happened. 

It's been a weird few years for my lawn - I did a total remodel on my house and backyard and that meant a lot of damage to the grass. Add in three big dogs and it's a recipe for NEVER having a perfect lawn. However - there was a glimmer of hope in our side yard. The dogs don't have access to it, there was no damage to it during construction, it was green and pretty perfect...Until the other day.

We took off our pool cover and needed to dry it out before packing it away. We stretched it out on the lawn, left for a couple hours, and came back to this disaster:

Abby | TSM

We tried watering it immediately and a few hours later, but it's seriously just getting worse. I didn't think I'd ever be the person who cared about my lawn but I REALLY CARE THAT THIS GIANT BROWN SPOT IS HERE NOW. This is what it looked like just a few days before:

Abby | TSM

Does anyone know if there is anything we can do to salvage it this season? Or do we just need to wait it out until next year and hope for the best?

I jokingly told my boyfriend we could just turn it into a volleyball court or a corn hole pit. Which actually doesn't sound too terrible...