Two tiny Nigerian dwarf goats have joined the Farmyard at Roger Williams Park Zoo and you'll soon see them roaming the contact yard, too.

I recently had the joy of taking my daughters to Roger Williams Park Zoo for an afternoon of animals and was kind of surprised by all the new babies at the historic Providence zoo. In just the last few years the sloths, tamarins, sea otters, tamanduas, grey wolves, giant anteaters, howler monkeys, and flamingos have all welcomed newborns. Now baby goats are at the zoo, too.

In an email with the zoo's Interim Marketing & Public Relations Manager Corrie Ignagni, we learned that the zoo recently welcomed two "three-month-old baby Nigerian dwarf goat brothers, Willie and Nelson." The pair were born at Silver Lake Farm in Rhode Island and have been busy acclimating "to their new habitat and goat companions."

Ignagni also told us the little goats "will be entering the contact yard with the other goats within the next couple weeks." Excellent news for parents of young kids who may find the adult goats in the contact yard a little intimidating.

Nigerian dwarf goats typically measure under 2 feet tall, but when they are first born they are barely 2 pounds and just inches in height. Super cute of course, but a perfect size for younger zoo guests to be comfortable petting.

Of course, being in the contact yard can be overwhelming for the goats and the zoo will only introduce the new little guys when they are ready. That should happen soon enough, though there are clearly plenty of other baby animals to 'ooh' and 'aah' over at Roger Williams Park Zoo these days.

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