Is there something that grinds your gears more than anything else in the world? Maybe it's coming home to dirty dishes in the sink. Maybe it's the sound of other people cracking their knuckles.

For me, it's something that involves a little common courtesy.

I had to buy a small cardboard box and some packing tape to mail a package the other day, so I swung by a store in Fairhaven after work. I backed into my parking spot and rushed inside, using both hands to try to keep my dress from flying up amidst the windy conditions. If you've ever made the mistake of wearing a dress on a windy day here on the SouthCoast, you know the struggle and sometimes... the utter embarrassment.

I did my shopping and again battled the wind back to my car, successfully keeping my dress down the entire time. It wasn't until I got into my car, took a deep breath, and got ready to leave that I realized there was a shopping cart parked right in front of my bumper.

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Now I know what you're probably thinking: 'The wind was strong that it probably blew the cart away from the its corral!' That's the thing. There are no cart corrals in this particular parking lot, so customers have to return the cart back inside the store.

I got out of my car and brought the cart back, all the while now fighting the wind with just one hand holding my dress. So if I accidentally flashed you in a Fairhaven parking lot Monday night, I'm so sorry.

Now back to that pet peeve of mine. Is it really that difficult to return carts to their corrals, or even to the store, if there aren't corrals in the parking lot? I mean, this isn't a one-time thing. All the time, I see carts strewn throughout parking lots, and I think of the poor employees who have to spend the end of their long shift hunting down every single one.

Let's do better. Let's return our carts and save each other some grief (and maybe even some accidental flashings).


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