It's sad that it has to come down to this, but this was the last straw for me. Buckle in for this rant, it's been a long time coming and I'm in rare form.

Early on Sunday morning, I finished up my grocery shopping over at Market Basket in New Bedford as I do every weekend. I have to admit that the staff over there have been doing a superb job keeping everything clean, sanitized and in order with everything that's been happening during the COVID-19 crisis, so kudos to the workers and management.

Now, before I confuse you, this article is not aimed at the people who work there, but rather towards the people who shop there.

Honestly, how difficult is it to walk a few extra feet to put your carriage back in the corral where it belongs?

I can't stand it when they just get piled up or left in the middle of the parking space when parking can sometimes become limited, so you have to get out of your vehicle to move it just to pull into the parking spot. Talk about frustrating.

I understand it may not be "your job" to do this, but think about how helpful it is for the carriage collectors. I say this because I once had that job duty when I worked at Lees Market in Westport as a teenager and always appreciated those who would return their carts where they belong.

Let me explain why.

By putting your cart back in its designated spot, you're saving the carriage collector time to get to other tasks that they are needed for, which makes your shopping experience that much better. The quicker they collect, the more they can be inside to help out at registers or on the floor throughout the store.

Makes sense now?

When you pile the carriages up in the mulch area or in parking spots where they don't belong, you're being lazy, plain and simple. There's no other way of explaining it. Runaway carriages are the number one reason for car dings and dents and can even become a dangerous hazard on windy or stormy days.

Trust me, the last thing I want to do is spend my day at the market, but a few extra steps aren't going to kill me. This world could use a little more kindness and generosity, and we can start with something as small as returning carriages to their respective areas.

End rant.


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