I've never been good at pranks. To put it simply, I'm always the prankee, but never the pranker. I'm gullible and easy to trick, but when it comes to tricking others, I can't seem to keep a straight face.

But I wanted this April Fool's Day to be different. I decided I wanted to play a harmless trick on my boyfriend, Evan, and see if he fell for it. I spent days scrolling through TikTok, searching for the perfect prank... and then I found it.

This woman set three tubes of mini M&Ms on the table in front of her, giving each one a shake to show that only one had candy inside and the other two were empty. She asked her boyfriend to follow the tube full of candy as she switched them around, and when she asked him which was full, she shook the tubes again, showing that, in fact, a different tube was now full of M&Ms and the previous tube was now empty. Neat, right?

Here's the trick: None of the tubes on the table actually contained candy. The woman had actually stuck a fourth tube that did have M&Ms up her left sleeve, using her right arm to shake the tubes she wanted to seem empty and her left arm to shake the tube she wanted to seem full.

After seeing this TikTok, I figured this was simple enough and that I could probably get through this trick without failing miserably. Boy, was I wrong.

I prepped all my supplies and had my boyfriend stand at the kitchen counter as I set everything out in front of him, the tube full of M&Ms stuffed up my left sleeve. I shook the first two empty tubes and everything was going great for those first two seconds. But then I forgot to switch hands when I got to the third empty tube, so it sounded empty just like the others. It was all downhill from there.

I made eye contact with Evan and it was over. He knew what I was up to, and uncontrollable laughter ensued. I still tried to get through the trick, but it only got worse from there.

You can check out my poor attempt at an April Fool's prank below, but please, let me down easy on this one 😂

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