I'm hot and cold about April Fools' Day. On the one hand, I like a good joke. On the other hand, I like April Fools' jokes to be harmless fun. I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of April Fools' creativity I saw from SouthCoast businesses this year.

Seeing all of the funny posts makes me want to step up my game for next year. Watch out, SouthCoast, we're comin' at ya!

The Donut Factory in Fairhaven won the day, in my humble opinion, selling joke donuts. How funny would it be to have someone at work be thrilled to see you walk through the door with a dozen Donut Factory donuts? Here's the catch: The Boston cream donuts were filled with Greek yogurt, the jelly donuts filled with Jello (many commenters said they'd mess with that), and some were salted instead of sugared on the outside. You'd better have some legit backup donuts, or you might be in for a long day at work.

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Dartmouth-based Mirasol's Cafe introduced an extraordinary robot that could transport up to 50 pounds of your favorite MIrasol's treats and beverages to your doorstep.  Mirasol's said the robot could deliver these treats up to 50 miles away. Can't you just see this little guy hauling up Route 24 fueled by a Chippi? Hey, don't laugh. We might not be too far away from this.

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Here are just a few of our favorite joke posts from SouthCoast small businesses.

Well played.

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