We put up a poll on Fun 107's Facebook page this morning asking about the best April Fools' Day pranks.  You guys shared some very funny stories!

Janice Read told us that in her break room at work, someone left this Honey Dew Donuts box. Instead of filling it with doughnuts, however, the evil person filled it with healthy veggie snacks. Ugh! While we'd have been more tempted by Dunkin' treats, that's a tough April Fools' prank to swallow!


Here's a great one from Stephanie Charbonneau. She put her husband Nick's Ford truck up for sale. Stephanie says it's a great April Fools' Day prank because it's a double prank. She gets to prank the potential buyers who get excited for the ridiculously low price for the truck, and her husband gets slammed with calls all day long.

Robert Barlow pulled this trick on his IT department and a coworker: "(I switched) the 'M' and 'N' on a co-worker's computer keyboard and watched IT spend over an hour wondering why the person couldn’t get signed into the PC."

Finally, David Viera shared this story with us. When his son was a student at Westport High School, he convinced his teachers to fill out a fake mid-term report. David was relieved to find out that his son had just pranked him.


See the full list of SouthCoast April Fools' Day pranks below.