Tomorrow is April Fools' Day. Here's a little advice to help you avoid being the fool.

I'll be honest, this is one of my favorite days of the year. It's also my least favorite day of the year. I love plotting and planning amazing jokes on everyone, but the real kicker is that everyone you prank is probably going to get you back. It's a real conundrum. Despite my love/hate for April Fools' Day, there are definitely plenty that simply just hate the day. They hate the pranks. They hate the games and usually those are the people that are the butt of most of the jokes. If you're one of those people just trying to survive the 24 hour onslaught of practical jokes, I'm here to help. Here's the three major rules of how to survive April Fools' Day

1) Avoid Everyone Everywhere

Drastic, I know, but really think about it. If you just stay home and binge watch the office again on Netflix, who can really fool you? No one. This way you can just hang out in the comfort of your own home. Heck, you don't even have to wear pants if you don't want to! Now, I know it's Easter and there's probably a big family dinner planned, but who says you have to go? Just lie and say you can't make it and when anyone calls you out, just say it was an April Fools joke all a long.

2) Stay Off Social Media

There will definitely be someone on your timeline...any timeline...trying to pull off some mass prank. The "I'm pregnant!" or "We're getting married!" are a couple of classic ones. Those ones don't really matter, but be aware of the more in depth prankster. They might find a very elaborate article or link or story that you click on and BOOM pranked. Maybe they post about some news that never actually happened and you buy into it and comment. Now you're just another sucker. Just avoid social media as much as possible. The jokesters are everywhere.

3) Trust No One. 

NO ONE. This can't be stressed enough. Even the most inexperienced prankster comes out to play on this day. On April Fools' Day everyone is the enemy. If you can't avoid them just make sure you're not crazy enough to trust them Assume everything is an elaborate plan to make you look stupid. Even your own mother will try to prank you. BE ADVISED.

Long story short. Don't be a fool. Avoid April Fools' Day.

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