Back before they were "Burnin' Up," they were three teenage brothers with the last name Jonas just trying to get their big break.

Let's rewind back to January 30, 2006. I was living near Seattle at the time, and my family went to quite a few concerts. I may have only been 8 years old, but I loved live music, especially when it was performed in a small venue like The Crocodile Cafe, a standing-room only venue in Seattle with a capacity of just a few hundred people.

We went to The Crocodile on January 30 to see an up and coming duo of pop punk chicks named The Veronicas. Little did anyone know, their opener that night would go on to be an international sensation named the Jonas Brothers.

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Yes,18-year-old Kevin, 16-year-old Joe, and 13-year-old Nick were at The Crocodile that night, playing songs off their first EP, "It's About Time," to a room full of people that didn't know one word. I was pretty young at the time, so I honestly don't remember much of their performance, but what happened after the show has stuck in my memory forever and is one of my more treasured moments in life.

The boys stuck around at their merch table after they played, meeting anyone who stopped by. My brother and I snagged this picture with the boys, and in the years after, watched as the Jonas Brothers began to skyrocket to fame.

Kari / Townsquare Media
Kari / Townsquare Media

Although I listened to their albums growing up, I didn't see the Jonas Brothers live again when they came to Seattle. And when they split up and starting working on solo projects, I thought my chance to hear them sing all the songs I'd grown to love over the years was over.

Then came "Sucker." The boys gave fans an amazing surprise in 2019 when they got the fam back together and went on tour later that year. I made a last-ditch effort to see them and bought tickets the day of their show in Albany. Let me tell you, I've never seen so many 20-somethings screaming, crying and singing their hearts out. It was EPIC.

Now the Jo Bros are getting back on the horse for their Remember This Tour, which kicks off this summer and makes a stop at Fenway Park in Boston on October 1. Tickets go on sale May 27, and we'll have your chance to win your way into the show and even sit in the front row!

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