As a mom who recently went through the potty training phase, I can honestly say the more advice the better. And these tips are some pretty good advice.

I read a few books and took notes from other moms when it came time to potty train my oldest.

And it was still a battle.

Without getting all gross on you, I'll just say for butt reasons we got around to potty training a tad too late, I believe. We tried at 30 months, but with other issues to overcome first, it didn't really make it stick until my daughter was over three years old.

Next time around I will for sure be starting waaay earlier.

They say kids are ready to learn to use the potty as early as 18 months. In fact, my niece was trained at 18 months and never looked back. The claim of it's easier when it's earlier sounds right to me.

But what to do once you are ready to start?

Here's what experts say works.

1. Ditch the back-up plan.

Pull-ups help no one. Using them is likely to prolong your process. It's much better to go underwear right away (or even better commando for a while if you are comfortable with it) and don't go back, no matter how badly you may want to.

2. Get rid of distractions.

My daughter could zone out on Paw Patrol like nobody's business. But when it came time to train, we turned off the TV. I spent days at home with her just playing and watching for the potty signs. We had a lot of fun and I learned what to look for when she needed to go. Something you'll definitely need to know for the months to come.

3. Tell, don't ask.

Once you know the signs, speak up. When you can tell your little one has to go, tell them its time to go. Fight the urge to ask "Do you need to use the potty?" Chances are they will tell you no, even if they have to go really bad. Make it a statement and not a question and you'll get less fighting over making it to the bathroom.

4. Have patience.

Most kids won't be potty trained in days. The books and whatnot will claim "learn to potty train in one weekend," but in reality, it's a longer battle than that. Though your child may have learned where to put their pee and poop in one weekend, reminding them to get it there is a constant battle. Kids get distracted by everything and can forget they have to go. Remember to be patient and watch for the signs to prevent accidents in the coming months.

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