This little boy saying goodbye to the Cape is ALL of us.

Meet Rocco from Winchester, Massachusetts. He may be just 2 years old, but he's already going viral on TikTok after a recent trip to Cape Cod with his family.

Rocco's mom, Heather Arrigo, said they visit the Cape often because her parents live in Falmouth. This year, the Arrigos' Memorial Day weekend on the Cape was filled with family. Rocco got to see his grandparents and cousins, and who wouldn't love a little family time after all of the craziness over the last year?

As the Arrigos packed up and headed back toward Winchester, they did something they had never done before: Arrigo said they told Rocco to say bye to Cape Cod as they crossed the bridge. This caused an overwhelmingly sad, yet adorable, wave of emotions from Rocco as he cried and waved goodbye, looking absolutely devastated.

Arrigo sat in the seat in front of her son, filming his reaction while assuring him they would be back to the Cape soon. After showing the video to a couple friends, Arrigo sent it in to the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, who, with Arrigo's permission, shared it to their TikTok page. In just a few days, the video has amassed over 260 thousand views, and it's safe to say that Rocco isn't the only one who doesn't like saying goodbye to Cape Cod.

"Why is this also me when I leave Cape Cod," Eugene H. wrote. "It's the best place ❤️."


Unfortunately the family didn't turn around and let Rocco stay on Cape Cod forever, but Arrigo said she definitely plans on filming Rocco's next trip over the bridge, where he'll get to say hello to the Cape and he'll certainly be a lot happier about that.

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