I would only (jokingly) buy into the whole 'Facebook is watching / listening to us and then putting specific ads in front of us of things we briefly mentioned in a passing conversation'...Until this happened.

Like any other normal morning, we were in the studio when Gazelle took out his breakfast around 6:30. He brought in eggs and a Quaker Breakfast Bar. Before eating the bar, he pointed out that it had 45 grams of carbs and I told him he'd be better off eating a bagel or an actual candy bar cause essentially, they'd be the same nutritionally.

We went on to do a break on the air about Mark Zuckerberg trial, Gazelle went on to complain that he felt AWFUL after eating the Quaker bar, and life went on as normal. Until I opened my Instagram at 7:05...I HAD AN AD FOR THE FREAKIN' QUAKER BAR IN MY INSTAGRAM FEED. 

Abby | TSM
Abby | TSM

I've never eaten one of these bars...never bought them...never even picked up a box to look at it in the groccery store, I didn't Google the bars or anything that would of put a cookie in my browser for the,m. The only interaction I've had with this was when Gazelle was eating one 30 minutes before.

I'M A LITTLE FREAKED, NOT GONNA LIE. I've had the whole "ad targeting" thing happen to me before, but never this specifically or so soon after.



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