The girl's at Boutique Fitness want to tell you to stop building people up higher than yourself.


By: Lara Harrington, ISSA, ACSM

Have you ever put someone on a pedestal and then realized that they are human just like you? Often times placing someone in this designation of 'can do no wrong' will ultimately affect you more than anyone when suddenly there's a glimpse of vulnerability.

I recently had a conversation with my mother regarding this and the expectations people have. If you know my mother you know she is pretty incredible... so incredible in fact, that she is also uber human. I mean she is flawed just like the rest of us - thank goodness ;)

There have been times when complete strangers (to me) have come up to me to tell me how much they admire my mother and that she is their 'guru'. As amazing as this is, and as much as I can completely understand why, my mother will be the first person to say 'don't put me on a pedestal unless you're ready to stand up there with me'.

We have to keep in mind that by placing others on a 'higher level' only means that we are not allowing ourselves to be worthy of the same identification. This is not positive self talk...

We can admire, honor, respect, and cherish but we should not adore others more than we adore ourselves. If you truly admire, honor, and respect someone (or many people) remove the pedestal and stand tall by their side. Be their friend and be proud of that.

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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