A new line of yoga pants are coming out that could help women everywhere.

TSM, Andrejs Pidjass

If your concerned about your panty lines showing when you wear yoga pants or leggings, worry no more!

Fisty.com reports that Julie Sygiel of the 'Dear Kate' lingerie line has designed these new yoga pants with built in underwear!  The slogan is the "freedom to go commando".

At last, someone gets it! It's so embarrassing to be working out or doing yoga and know that everyone can see your panty lines, or worse, not even knowing that everyone saw your panties until it's too late!

This built-in panty liner is made of a material called "Underlux" and it just acts like regular underwear.

These yoga pants have caught on really quickly. The campaign goal was set for $15,000 and instead, these pants made $158,000! That's a lot of pants!

The pants will be available on the Dear Kate online store this coming October. If you can't wait to buy them though, they are taking pre-orders.

And get this, these pants are selling for $125 a piece!  Holy cow!

I hope they really work if they cost that much!!