Gone Country Creamery will be Wareham's newest spot for cold, creamy treats.

Located at 245 C Main Street in Wareham, Gone Country takes Acushnet Creamery ice cream and fuses it with a country-themed atmosphere for a stress-free destination.

Owner Byranne Tucy is a Wareham native with a long history in the restaurant business.

"I've worked at many coffee shops in the past, and have been in the restaurant business my whole life, it's all I know," Tucy tells Fun 107. "I chose to work with ice cream, because it's simple and it makes people happy."

To Tucy, Gone Country is more than just a business goal. Her plans for the new creamery go far beyond just a money maker; it has meaning that far surpasses a profit.

"I lost my younger brother, he was only 29 years old when he passed away. There's meaning behind this (ice cream shop), the goal is to not just make money, it's to bring peace to myself and my family," Tucy says.

The creamery sits comfortably off of Main street near Cafe Soleil, overlooking the water and the railroad tracks, exemplifying the vibes of the simple country life.

"I just want (the creamery) to be stress free. When you think 'country,' well, that's the whole outlook of the shop," Tucy explains.

Besides her new creamery, Tucy also works for Keller Williams Realtor out of Plymouth, which has shown her kindness and understanding while she took a leave of absence to open up the business for the summer.

"They're just so supportive of the decision I made to take some time off to open up the shop," she said. "I'm so grateful for all they have done for both me and my family."

Tucy plans to open up within the next week and hopes to see the local community, and new faces, stop by for a delicious summer time treat.