Immersive art exhibits have been coming to Boston for several years now.

There were Immersive Van Gogh shows, an Immersive Monet exhibit, even Immersive Disney and Sistine Chapel experiences.

Now a Boston museum is doing something different with immersive artwork.

Unlike the previous shows, which brought already famous works of art to audiences in a whole new way, the new WNDR Museum in Boston's Downtown Crossing is all new art blended with jaw-dropping technology.

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The WNDR Museum is an absolute wonder. There are over 20 exhibits, each using technology in weird and wonderful ways.

It's not just walking by beautiful paintings hung in gilt frames, it's a chance to get hands-on with immersive artworks that include light shows, magnetic sound and guest-generated contributions.

You truly become a part of the museum just by being there.

The goal seems to be to not only amaze the WNDR Museum guests but to motivate and inspire them.

One exhibit, Speak Up!, features a wall of corded, push buttons phones. Pick up any one and you'll hear a one-minute clip from one of 50 activists speeches on a wide range of topics.

In the Insta-Nonsense exhibit, the walls are covered in Instagram feeds, giving guests new perspectives on how and why they use social media and the role social media plays in people's lives.

It's not all introspection and activism. Some of the exhibits at the WNDR Museum are simply cool, like Flex, a touchable fabric exhibit that reacts to pressure, and Let's Survive Forever, where numerous silver balls and multiple mirrors make the visual experience new every time you walk through.

Keep scrolling to see some of the unique and interactive artwork inside Boston's newest museum.

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