Want to literally surround yourself in Van Gogh artwork? Now you don't have to be a multi-millionaire to do it.

Imagine Van Gogh in a unique new way to experience the amazing artwork of one the best-known artists ever.

The immersive art exhibition takes over 200 of the Dutch artist's famous paintings and expands them onto wall-sized screens to allow visitors to literally walk in and through Van Gogh's art.

I love this concept completely and have already nabbed my tickets – which, yes, are already on sale.

And it's not just coming to a museum, it's going to take over the iconic SoWa Power Station in Boston next winter.

I absolutely love Van Gogh. He is hands down my favorite artist of all time and though I don't have any reprints hanging in my house or anything, I do have coffee mugs, bookmarks, light switch plates and more with famous pieces from the post-impressionist painter on them.

To me, his work is bold and often bright with swirls of color that just draws you right in.

And the thought of literally being surrounded in all of that bold brightness makes this Imagine Van Gogh art exhibition a must-see for me next year.

From December 21, 2021, through February 20, 2022, you can walk among the floor-to-ceiling art and experience the genius of Van Gogh like you never have before.

Tickets start at $33.99 per person and are on sale now, so you can treat yourself to a super early Christmas present.

I can't wait to see and feel the works of Van Gogh myself next winter and these are the top five paintings I'm most looking forward to immersing myself in:

Van Gogh Paintings I Most Want to Immersive Myself In

Get a sneak peak at some of the paintings coming to Boston as part of an immersive Van Gogh exhibit next winter.

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