Immersive art seems to be the hot new trend in traveling exhibitions. Technology has helped bring pieces people know and love city to city in a whole new way and art lovers can't get enough.

So much so that right now two larger-than-life exhibits are showing in Providence: Michelangelo: A Different View and Beyond Van Gogh. Soon, a whole new one featuring the work of Claude Monet comes to the Lighthouse Art Space at the Castle Boston.

Immersive Monet and the Impressionists actually features a few different artists whose works become blended together on screens that surround you when you walk in. Much like the Van Gogh immersive shows that have come through the Northeast several times already, Immersive Monet will take paintings off the walls and allow you to step into them instead.

As someone who has been to an immersive art exhibit before I can tell you they are extremely cool. The way the creators of these exhibits blend one painting into another, the combinations of paintings to create a scene or story, it's truly a work of art in and of itself.

Not to mention the close-ups of artist details that can really be highlighted. Especially with Monet, who often used smaller brushstrokes and applied dabs and dashes of colors throughout his works. Getting enlarged views of his works will certainly bring them into a new light for fans of Claude Monet.

"Monet's Garden" Offers Immersive Experience Of Claude Monet's Works
Morris MacMatzen/Getty Images

Yet even if you aren't a huge fan of the artist, this immersive exhibit could be completely worth it for nature lovers. Monet was known for his landscapes and he traveled the world painting scenes from gardens, cliffsides and waterways. If you have never explored the Mediterranean, the banks of the River Seine or the canals of Venice, Monet's artwork can take you to them all when Immersive Monet opens June 16.

Explore Peaceful Gardens and Towering Cliffs at Immersive Monet

Claude Monet created thousands of works of art over his decades as an artist. He traveled through Europe capturing gardens ,waterways, cathedrals and more. Now you can walk through the world Monet did and experience his artwork in a whole new way at Immersive Monet coming to Boston.
Here's a taste of the artwork you could be surrounding yourself in.

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