It was a bittersweet moment in my house last week.

For the last few weeks, my daughter has been babbling up a storm. She is clearly gearing up for some non-stop talking, which is really no surprise considering how much I run my mouth every day.

With the amount of "ma-ma-mas" and "da-da-das" she's been randomly spewing, I really thought I had a chance of being her first word.

My oldest daughter was all about Da-Da (still is really) and the first time she said what she meant she was looking right at her Dad, reached for him and said "Da-Da."

Classic baby thing to do. Awesome family moment.

But with baby number two, "Ma-Ma" has been the random babble much more than "Da-Da" so I thought I really had a shot with this one.

Not the case, however.

Last week, she shocked us all when the HVAC guy came to the house.

It was a typical yearly cleaning of the furnace – guy came to the house, changed some filters and was on his way.

But apparently somewhere in there, he made some sort of impression on my daughter, because as he left a few hours later she waved goodbye to him and said, "Bye."

I was floored. She had waved to people before, but this was the first time she ever said "Bye." And she said it so clearly, there was no mistaking it for anything else.

Of course, it wasn't exactly how I imagined my daughter's first word coming out, but it will definitely be a great story to tell her for years to come.

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