About a week ago, the Social Security Administration put out the new list of 'Most Popular Baby Names'.It's not too surprising that the top names were Noah and Sophia...they've been popular and close to the top of the list for quite some time. Now, what you might not know about, are the names a bit further down the list. These are names you may not even realize could be used as names and probably have never heard of. They are the most outrageous names on the list. Wanna see? Of course you do! So, here they are...the 22 most OUTRAGEOUS baby names. People are naming their children these names, otherwise they wouldn't make it onto SSA's list...check this out:

GIRLS: Vanellope, Pistol, Happiness, Pemberley, Envie, Rarity, Charlemagne, Ransom, Sierraleone, Snowy, Temprince.

Hmm...if I were to pick a fave...maybe 'Pemberley', it sounds the most normal I guess...and as a runner up, 'Sierraleone'...it's not terrible. Now, for the boys...

BOYS: Jceion, Hatch, Tuf, Xzaiden, Charger, Forever, Kyndle, Power, Warrior, Subaru, Vice.

I wish I could say I had a favorite here, but I don't. 'Subaru'...come on! Naming a child after a car...I don't know about that...

Here's my rule when it comes to naming children...If I ever have a child, I'm sticking by this rule: Does this name sound like someone who could be the President of the United States? If yes, proceed. If no, try again. The poor child has to live with the name for their entire life! I just can't see anyone taking a person named 'Pistol' or 'Warrior' seriously.

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