The Middletown, Rhode Island Marshalls store had an unexpected celebrity shopper on Friday when former Tonight Show host Jay Leno was spotted among the racks.

The store staff was working hard to keep the shelves full of stocking stuffers and the latest clothing trends as Black Friday shoppers kept rolling in throughout the day. One of those customers in particular is someone you might have never expected to do a little shopping at Marshalls, but lo and behold, Leno stopped by and was easily recognized.

In his trademark blue jeans and denim shirt, he wasn't exactly hard to miss.

Store manager Joy Sisca was the first to spot the late-night TV king, who was kind enough to take a moment to stop and grab a photo with her. Standing at five-foot-11, Leno was a giant compared to Sisca, who stands a shade under four-foot-eight.

"He came into the store around 2 p.m." Sisca said. "I was so shocked to see him and my (district manager) asked me to grab a photo with him, so I did. He took photos with a lot of the customers as well."

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Leno purchased a mansion in Newport back in 2017 for a cool $13.5 million – which he bought in an unorthodox way – so it's not uncommon to see him hanging around Middletown. Leno is known for frequent visits to the Newport Car Museum in Portsmouth to check on a couple of cars that he has in the showroom.

As for what he purchased while shopping at the popular discount store, Sisca said she was too busy to notice, but he was most certainly browsing around. It just goes to show, you never know who you might run into these days. Hollywood East is most certainly a thing here on the SouthCoast and I'm curious to see who gets spotted next.

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