Here’s a great prank to pull on someone when the Mega Millions jackpot starts to rise.  Now that the estimated jackpot for tomorrow night’s Mega Millions has risen to $422 MILLION dollars, it is the perfect time for you to try this out on your own!

After last night number was drawn (with a jackpot of $375,000,000), I went out and bought a Mega Millions number with the already announced winning number. Now, this ticket is for tomorrow’s UPCOMING drawing, but it has last night’s WINNING number.

I’m going to go into Nancy Hall and have her check my ticket to see if I "won." Let’s see her reaction when she thinks I won $375 milllion dollars.

The fun doesn’t have to stop here.  YOU give this a try.  Either go out today and buy a ticket with last night’s winning number, or try it Friday morning with Thursday night’s winning number. Make sure to video the reaction and send us the video!

Email it to, and we could end up sharing it on

One other variation to this fun game is to buy the ticket and just leave it next to a computer screen displaying the winning number. You’ll get a chance to see what someone would do if they found a ticket worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


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