After thinking about joining for over a year, I started working out at Crossfit last week.  I completed the 3 beginner classes...called "Elements".  They were tough...and I definitely walked funny and hurt for a day or two...but I muddled through.  Over the weekend, I experienced my first "true" Crossfit workout.  Holy moly.  I couldn't walk or even lie down in bed without moaning in pain.  The worst part is that I am hiding the pain from my wife.  I can't complain about it because I am choosing to put my body through this ordeal...and she'll just make fun of me!

Some of my friends have worked out at Crossfit for years...and they are somehow surviving.  I just wonder if I'm doing it wrong.  Am I working out too hard, too fast?  The aches and pains I am feeling are making me feel like a 70 year old man.  It's mind blowing to think that these things I am doing are actually making me stronger...and not beating me down.  Everyone at the gym says it will get easier.  I'm just hoping it is sooner than later.

I'm still walking funny from my Saturday morning workout...and I have another workout tonight.  I'm scared!  :)