If you're ready for some really original Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and local gal Meghan Trainor, I've got it for you.

James put Meghan's songwriting skills to the ultimate test and she immediately came through with a catchy little tune about being in traffic.

Music sales are spiking for Jennifer Lopez and Shakira following their Super Bowl Halftime Show. Over 100 million people watched Sunday's game, making it the 10th most-watched Super Bowl of all time. J. Lo and Shakira gave us a high-energy show at halftime, and sales reports from Nielsen Music say the song they performed saw a 1,000 percent increase after the game, and sold over 16,000 digital downloads. The Shakira hit "Whenever, Wherever" sold the most.

And if you didn't notice Jay-Z and Beyoncé decided that they were not going to stand during Demi Lovato's national anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday. Colin Kaepernick gave them a shout out on his Instagram and Jay-Z responded with a statement to the New York Times, saying, "As long as real people are being hurt and marginalized and losing family members...then yes, I can take a couple rounds of negative press."

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After Shannen Doherty fought and beat breast cancer almost three years ago, she sits down to tell her fans that the cancer came back. She has kept it private for a year even kept it from her 90201 castmates during the reboot of the TV show. If battling cancer isn't enough, she's also battling a lawsuit with the insurance company she and her husband have their homeowners policy with, after the wildfires in California almost completely destroyed her home.

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