Sadly, we're really going to have to just "Let It Go" forever.

The Broadway lights are permanently going dark for the popular Disney musical Frozen, based on the 2013 Oscar-winning animated film. The Broadway go-to opened in March of 2018 and ran a total of 825 performances. 

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That's amazing for only two years. Back this past March when the curtains fell, nobody knew that it would be the final performance. Not only is this Broadway's first permanent closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sad news makes us wonder about all of the other Broadway shows we hope to get back to at some point in time. Over 1.3 million people showed up to watch Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff on stage, resulting in the musical grossing over $150 million during its two-year run. It was also nominated for the Best Musical Tony Award.

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This Sunday night at 8 o'clock, American Idol will air its very first remote finale. And while all the judges agree that the remaining contestants are very talented, Katy Perry isn't shy about revealing who she's rooting for.




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Additionally, Katy will sing her new song, "Daisies," and Luke Bryan will perform his song, "One Margarita."

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And after a reunion of sorts a couple of weeks ago with the cast of Parks and Rec, Chris Pratt is super excited about the new baby on the way for him and his new wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Chris also talked about how they were right in the middle of shooting Jurassic World and also how you could win a role in his movie and be eaten by a dinosaur.

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