For the first time in forever, life is starting to look a bit more normal across Massachusetts. Now that many businesses are gearing up to reopen at full capacity and ditch the COVID restrictions in just a few days, one city official brought out her creative side to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The Lowell Chamber of Commerce recently shared a video featuring its President and CEO, Danielle McFadden, performing a parody of "For the First Time in Forever" from Disney's hit movie Frozen. From McFadden's very own singing voice and creatively altered lyrics to mask-flinging and guest appearances from George Clooney and Queen Elizabeth, every shot of this parody is spot-on.

Lowell's Chamber of Commerce is back in business in terms of in-person events for the near future as well. The group will host its first in-person mixer in over a year on June 15. The mixer will be held outside, weather permitting, and will be capped at 40 people.

But just as some of the things we've come to hate about the pandemic are coming to an end, so are some of the things we'd like to see stick around.

According to the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission Advisory, restaurants that are currently allowed to serve alcohol outdoors may not be able to for much longer. With Governor Charlie Baker's State of Emergency set to expire on June 15, restaurants would have 60 days after that deadline to stop serving alcohol outdoors. While the governor is working to extend that deadline, as of now, outdoor alcohol sales are set to end on August 15. Takeout and delivery options for alcohol sales are also set to expire on June 15.

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