In an attempt to give kids healthier options, McDonald's has decided to take away cheeseburger Happy Meals and chocolate milk from their menu.

McDonald's Happy Meals have been targeted as a cause of childhood obesity for years. An through the years they have tried to make them healthier.

Four years ago they removed soda from the Happy Meal options and since then have also made the fries smaller and added fruit. And now they are changing things up again.

McDonald's says they will soon be banishing cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from the Happy Meal menu to cut down on calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar.

The fast food chain says their goal is to have all Happy Meal options at 600 calories or less and with fewer than 650 milligrams of sodium. They also aim to have less than 10 percent of the meal’s calories come from saturated fat and added sugar...and cheeseburgers and chocolate milk don't meet the new standards.

You'll also see the small fry in the six-piece chicken nugget meal reduced to the kid sized fry and bottle water will become a drink option (at an additional cost).

McDonald's will be making Happy Meal changes globally, but you can expect to see them in the United States by June.

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